Blogging LOST: The End (Thankfully).

I’m not going to recap the final episode of Lost, scene for scene. If you were invested in the show all six seasons, chances are you watched it last night just like I did. If you were a lapsed viewer who tuned in after years away, just to see how it ended, chances are [...]

Blogging Lost: What They Died For.

Before I get into the actual episode from this week, I just have to ask, who puts their milk in a pitcher? I couldn’t even concentrate on the first scene when parallel-world Jack, his son and Claire all had breakfast because on the breakfast table was a lovely glass pitcher full of more milk [...]

Blogging Lost: Season 6, Ep. 14 – Across the Sea.

I can see how this would be a really polarizing episode. If you care about finding out Jacob’s origin story and if you want some explanation for why/how the Man in Black became the Smoke Monster, then this hour was probably quite satisfying for you.

If you’re like me and don’t give a flip [...]

Ridiculously-Late-Blogging Lost: The Candidate.

So, many apologies for the late post on this. I had a crazy-busy week. Also, I was sad. If you don’t want to know why I’m sad, quit reading this post.

Not only was I really sad to see Sun and Jin go, but I’m really sad Jin never got to meet his daughter, [...]

Blogging Lost: Season 6, Ep. 13 – The Last Recruit.

Due to technical difficulties and limited time, this week’s recap won’t be lengthy and overly detailed. I didn’t do my usual scene-by-scene live-transcription, so I’m working off memory alone here—and sadly, my memory’s not all that linear.

Here are the big things, in no particular order:

Desmond’s getting exceedingly creepy in Alterna-LA. Hot on [...]

Late-Blogging Lost: Everybody Loves Hugo.

Sorry for the late Lost blogging guys. Got sucked into life, into better TV shows, and, frankly, there’s not a lot to say.

This episode’s sideways-flashes were devoted to Hurley, the one main character we hadn’t really followed yet. In this episode, Lucky Hurley meets Libby, who’s alive and well and living in a [...]

Blogging Lost: Season 6, Episode 11 – Happily Ever After.

Last night’s Lost was Desmond-centric, which is always nice for me, since I dig Henry Ian Cusick and his Crazy Eyes. But Desmond’s wasn’t the only welcome return: Daniel and his super-sinister mother, Eloise, also returned to the fold—and, as is usually the case when they appear, the plot moved forward!

It begins with [...]

Blogging Lost: The Package.

In this Jin-centric episode we finally got back a bit to that old feeling Lost used to engender: suspense, intrigue and delightful confusion. We finally get to see Widmore back on the island, making some sort of move. We have people getting shot at by marauders in the dark, weird rooms from the Dharma [...]