Blogging Lost: Recon

Finally, Sawyer! Sawyer is the one parallel life I want to see, but not because I think the story will have more integrity or be more interesting. I just like seeing Sawyer as much as possible.

In the beginning, we see Sawyer running the same con he ran in the beginning of the first season: a pile of money spills out and he’s ready to swindle some unsuspecting damsel. But, in keeping with this season’s on-island=bad/off-island=good dichotomy, this Sawyer is a detective who’s trying to get the target to turn over her conman husband. While, in another life, Sawyer took his childhood pain, assumed the identify of the man responsible for his parents death and turned into a bad guy, who used the drive in this world to root out injustice. He even says as much to new-Charlotte, “I got to a point in my life where I was either going to be a criminal or a cop. So I chose cop.”  That might be taking it a little far, though. Not that the rest of the season has been subtle.

On-island, Sawyer is busy performing busy-work for not-Locke. Locke wants him to go to the other island — Is it the same one where he and Kate shacked up as captives? I thin that was the dress she wore. — and find the people we know are at the temple. Of course, Sawyer finds Widmore instead (finally) and makes him a promise that looks as though he’s screwing not-Locke and crew over. Then, he goes back to not-Locke and tells him the whole plan, and it looks like he’s screwing over Widmore. We know, of course, that Sawyer’s trying to screw over them both so they can screw each other. Also, cause Sawyer ain’t with anybody, Freckles! So now, we see the final island battles shaping up. I just hope we get to see Desmond again.

Off-island, we see that Sawyer still has a plan to murder the real Sawyer, and that he screws over new-Charlotte because he has issues. In the end, he’s also surprised to run into Kate. I can’t tell if the look on his face when he pulled off her hood was expressing shock because she was a woman, or because he recognized her from the airport. Time will tell. Also, Miles is his partner. I suspect that who we see the Losties running into in their parallel lives is going to mean something, but I’m not sure what. Sawyer knows the researchers now, Jack runs into Dogen and Locke, Sayid runs into Jin, etc. Also, has anyone else noticed that there hasn’t been a Michael or a Walt? We haven’t seen them in so long it’s easy to forget, but they were really important characters in the first two seasons. I suspect Walt’s entirely grown now, so working him in just might be impossible. But it would be nice if Michael could have been on the flight or something.

There’s not much else to say except, 1) What’s wrong with Sayid? and 2) Is Claire really crazy, or just island crazy? I’ll let you guys have the rest of it below.

  • slb

    Charlotte’s pretty gorgeous when she’s not dying, no?

    It was almost like she was being played by a different actress.

    • keke

      Yes! I thought the exact same thing, Charlotte looked great in this episode! Although I thought it was kind of odd that she was looking through his drawer so aggressively. I know she told him she “looking for a shirt” but it seemed like she was doing a little digging as well. Could it be that she had an ulterior motive? Or are the writers just playing up the “women rummage through your things when you step out of a room” angle?

      I did enjoy seeing Sawyer’s storyline and I really love seeing Miles; I think its great that they are partners in the sideways flash.

      I assumed that Sawyer was surprised that he recognized Kate from the plane. Which makes it even more interesting that he is a cop because I’m sure he knew or at least suspected that she was handcuffed and on the run at the airport.

      I am not happy with how it seems that the writers may be pushing the Sawyer and Kate couple storyline. I just don’t think Kate should be with anyone, her character really annoys me; more than anyone else on the show!

      • slb

        yes! i forgot about that! i was trippin’ off her going through his stuff like that, too!

        they *just* met; if i were him, i’d have been just that upset. his apology (which should only have been for raising his voice/kicking her out, because his anger was justified) was pretty stale, though. that sunflower was totally wilting. lol

        this show is pretty bad at creating male/female conflict, a lot of the time, though. (do you remember this ep where kate and sawyer were in bed and he said, like, *one* thing to her [can’t remember what, but i think he joked about her getting pregnant] and she angrily yanked on her tank top and bounced on him? she was pissed and he didn’t even do anything. and then they never did go back and flesh that out or explain why she’d gotten so angry. this sawyer/charlotte thing was the same kind of left-field incident.)

        meanwhile, the writers act like Miles has developed a crush on Sawyer, in both timelines….

      • Yeah, she was totally going through his stuff on purpose. I didn’t buy it was an accident for a minute. And I would have kicked her out too.

        • keke

          Ok, so it wasn’t just me thinking that she was looking for something in his drawer. His response was justified, and I agree, I would have kicked her out too! and i was not buying the scene where he just decides to apologize to her. Why would he do that? I mean, they were attracted to each other enough to hop into bed, but did they develop that strong of a connection that he felt the need to show up at her door with ONE dandelion and a 6 pack of beer? ha ha…Please.

          and they are killing me softly with Sayid. Its like he is in a daze. I mean you would think that he is high. He just doesn’t care about anything anymore. I am no fan of Kate but for him to just sit there and watch Claire attempt to slit her throat was unbearable for me. I mean, I liked this EP but there were just some things I couldn’t stomach.

  • I agree, she was doing some serious snooping. Like you said I am sure that the parallels are going to play some role in the story eventually—I hope. I wonder what the Kwons story is, which one will live and which one will die. And next week will be good because I have always wondered why Richard never ages and how long he has been on the island.


  • While I loved the episode, my favorite part was the lack of expression on Sayid’s face when Kate called for his help as Claire was trying to stab her with a knife. He was just like “eh”

    In Kate’s flashsideway, she rode the elevator with Sawyer while she was escaping.

    I think when we finally see Michael in a flashsideway, he won’t have Walt. In this reality, he probably doesn’t get Walt back from Australia (which gives the writers an out for bringing back taller Walt)