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In last night’s Ben-centric episode, we got a chance to see the character at his lowest, as he literally dug his own grave at gunpoint, and at his best, in ParalleLA, where he passed on an opportunity to follow through on a “Machiavellian plan” in order to secure a bright and winning future for Alex Read More

You know what I don’t understand? Who are these Temple Others? The show has made some attempts at showing continuity between  the well-groomed, hut-dwelling Ben and Juliet era and the Temple one — Cindy, Aldo — but it doesn’t feel like they’re the same folks. Why wasn’t Richard in the Temple with them? When did Read More

Normally, I’d spend much, much more time on this than I’ll spend today (… and than is actually necessary, ever), but because I didn’t pay very close attention to Lost last night and because I don’t have time to rewatch it, I’ll leave unpacking this week’s hidden and obvious revelations to you.

Sorry for the delay. So this episode finally had us spend time with John Locke’s two lives; one in which he’s happily getting married to Peg Bundy in LA and the other in which his dead body is overtaken by Smokey the Monster and he’s trying to pull Sawyer over to the dark side. We Read More

We ended last week with Sayid rising from the mostly-dead and asking, “What happened?” The first scene this week picks up where that one left off. Guess what? No one hazards a guess at the answer to Sayid’s question. Big surprise. Kate asks Sawyer how Sayid’s resurrection was possible. And Sawyer drops a classic: “He’s Read More