T.R.O.Y.: Alf Kumalo.

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Alf Kumalo, who died yesterday at the age of 82, “was one the the best and most important” of South Africa’s apartheid-era photojournalists,. [...]

Famine in the Horn of Africa.

entrance to Dadaab refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya

Between Anderson Cooper, Bono, and the New York Times deigning to (at least briefly) put a story about famine on the front page, it seems the world has finally taken notice of the unfolding disaster in the Horn of Africa.

It is about DAMN time. The [...]


The countries neighboring the Ivory Coast are worried that violence there may spread.

After being told their baby had no chance of survival, an Iowa couple was forced to see the pregnancy to term and watch the child die because state law prohibits abortion after 20 weeks.

Latoya on being the token Negro on [...]


Most people know Jasper, TX, as the town where a black man named James Byrd was tied to a pickup truck and dragged to his death by three white men in 1998. The photography of Alonzo Jordan, who was something of a local institution, captures the quieter, happier moments of [...]

Things That Will Make You a More Informed Person.

If you do anything today, you should check out the New York Times’ multimedia gallery on Uganda’s appalling anti-homosexual bill, which if passed, will mandate prison sentences and the death penalty for gay Ugandans. The article accompanying it examines the American evangelical presence in Uganda, and the degree to which evangelicals influenced and shaped the [...]

Your Monday* Random-Ass Roundup: Heard 'Em Say

Believe it or not, I’ve been known to be a jackass. Ask anyone who had the misfortune of knowing me in college. Or a couple years ago. I really hope President Obama isn’t asked about it anytime soon:

Anyway, lots of things have happened since our last Monday roundup. Here’s a few of them, [...]

Semenya May Be Intersex.

A few days ago, I lamented that South African runner Caster Semenya was forced to perform gender to allay the public’s suspicions that she was a man.

I still lament that fact.

But right now, having read unofficial reports that Semenya is intersex, I feel very sad for the 18-year-old, who is discovering something life-changing [...]

Book of the Month Discussion: Things Fall Apart.

from random house

It has been speculated that Uncle Tom’s Cabin aggravated the cultural conversation about slavery and planted the seeds for the Civil War. Whatever analysis is taken from the novel, Harriet Beecher Stowe’s serialized stories became relevant during a very particular time and place.

So, what set the cultural tone for an [...]