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If you do anything today, you should check out the New York Times’ multimedia gallery on Uganda’s appalling anti-homosexual bill, which if passed, will mandate prison sentences and the death penalty for gay Ugandans.  The article accompanying it examines the American evangelical presence in Uganda, and the degree to which evangelicals influenced and shaped the legislation.  You can find the whole package here.


Jamelle Bouie is a writer for Slate. He has also written for The Daily Beast, The American Prospect and The Nation. His work centers on politics, race, and the intersection of the two.

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  • Ladyfresh

    I’d love to but i’m still a bit distracted by the fact that we can’t seem to get a firm grasp on the issue here

    but really i would LOVE to point fingers at the Ugandans but i would feel so hypocritical doing so

    really R.I.

  • The situation in Uganda puts the fight for gay rights on the same level as blacks fighting for civil rights here in the U.S. I remember gays in California trying to make that parallel during the proposition 8 campaign, but I didn’t buy it back then.