Friday Random Ten: The Fourth City?

Like thousands of bad headline writers before me, I’ll go ahead and indulge my corniest instincts: Blame it on Rio.

Earlier today, Rio de Janiero emerged as the victor in the heated competition to play host for the 2016 Olympic Games. Madrid and Tokyo finished second and third. And Chicago – thought to be one of the favorites coming into the day – finished last.

But there remains lots to love about Chi-Town: the skyline, the deep-dish pizza, the history, the Obamas and, of course, the music.

So we here at PostBourgie saw fit to honor the great musical tradition of the City of Big Shoulders on a day when the disappointment seems to be weighing pretty heavy this afternoon:

1. Chicago by Sufjan Stevens (Slb)

2. Dennehy by Serengeti (Shani-o)

3. Flipside by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (Quadmoniker)

4. The Final Tic by Crucial Conflict (Brokey)

5. Brand New by Rhymefest featuring Kanye West (Blackink)

6. If You Leave Me Now by Chicago (Shani-o)

7. Heartbreak Hotel by Whitney Houston featuring Faith Evans and Kelly Price (Belleisa)

8. Reminding Me (of Sef) by Common featuring Chantay Savage (Blackink)

9. Via Chicago by Wilco (Shani-o)

10.  Po Pimp by Do or Die featuring Twista (Blackink)

As always, please feel free to make your own suggestions. Just off top, I know we’re missing contributions from Muddy Waters, Herbie Hancock, almost anyone who’s ever recorded house music, R. Kelly and, er, Lupe Fiasco.

There’s no denying Chicago’s rich musical history. But in the end, it’s hard to compete with this.

At least they’ve got the Cubs.


Joel Anderson —blackink —  writes about sports, politics, crime, courts, and other issues far beyond his competence at BuzzFeed. He has worked at media outlets in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Atlanta and contributed to a number of publications, including The Root and The American Prospect, among many others.
  • Scipio Africanus

    “There Was A Time”
    -Gene Chandler

    “Just Another Dance”
    -The Impressions

    -Smashing Pumpkins

    “Back Down Memory Lane”
    -Minnie Riperton

    -Louis Armstrong and the Hot Five, featuring Earl Hines

    “This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze)”
    -Maurice Joshua

    “The First Time I Met The Blues”
    -Buddy Guy

    “I Feel For You”
    -Chaka Khan

    “Rescue Me”
    -Fontella Bass

    “Sun Goddess”
    -Ramsey Lewis and Earth, Wind, and Fire

    “If You Think You’re Lonely Now”
    -Bobby Womack

    “You’ll Never Find”
    -Lou Rawls

  • blackink12

    Fam, you just killed me with Chaka Khan. Wow.

    Which, for some reason, reminds me of how much I loved Kanye’s “Through the Wire” video.

  • Grump

    “Little Red Rooster” – Howlin’ Wolf
    “Homecoming” – Kanye West
    “Tobacco Road” – Lou Rawls
    “Stay” – Rufus

  • I love that you remembered Crucial Conflict.

  • -k-

    Chicago is my favorite city in the U.S., but the Cubs as consolation? Heeeeh.

  • No question, Chicago is a great city. And one of my favorites too. But if I was making vacation plans and I had to choose between Chi-Town and Rio, um … it’s not even close.

  • what’s about some

    Chicago – Graham Nash
    Hot Pants – Chicago
    Little Red Rooster – Sam Cooke

    …but I’ll play it light.