Yep. Sounds Like Business as Usual.

Remember that David Grann piece in the New Yorker that asked whether Texas had executed an innocent man? Texas Governor Rick Perry replaced the chairman and two members of a commission set to hear evidence in the case. The new chairman appointed by Perry cancelled the hearing. A spokesman for the governor told the New York Times the reappointments were “business as usual.” Sounds that way, Texas.

  • Nothing to see here, folks, move it along.

  • At some point, people have got to get pissed about this sort of thing. We can’t just brush off Perry playing politics with the state’s authority to execute citizens.

    Not to be hyperbolic, but we’re all at risk when our politicians obstruct justice in this way.

    I mean, Willingham went to sleep in his own home one night, woke up surrounded by flames, couldn’t get to his daughters and then spent the rest of his days behind bars. Then he was executed. And there’s a strong chance he was innocent all along.

    Who’s to say that couldn’t happen to someone else?

  • blackink12

    Empathy? My goodness. Don’t let anyone know we were even discussing the concept. Apparently, that’s a bad word.

    I learned that from Michael Steele.

  • Molly

    oh sorry–I didnt realize “empathy” is just a euphemism for sinister libruhl agendas…caring is so indecent and mean…