Media Matters Rounds Up Glenn Beck’s Most Racist Moments.

Crossposted from ColorLines:

As the nation marks the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin have taken to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to, as they put it, restore our nation’s honor. The Washington Post reports that “an overwhelmingly white crowd of tens of thousands” [...]

TV, Now Tainting Jury Pools and Jurisprudence

Just in case your suspicion that racism persists in courtrooms and television news was waning, a TV exec in Fresno makes it explicit.

Sitting as a potential juror in Fresno County Superior Court early last week, Hall said he couldn’t be a fair juror in a Hispanic man’s carjacking trial because research by the [...]

Digging in the Crates: 'The Candidate.'

The New Yorker has, I assume for a limited time, put on its website a 2004 profile of a young African-American running to represent Illinois in the United States Senate.*

I can’t imagine it was more fun to read then than now. Among the highlights: the prescient sentiment of all who had met [...]

Ferraro and Race.

by hilzoy at Obsidian Wings. Cross-posted with permission.

Geraldine Ferraro wrote a horrible op-ed in the Boston Globe. She says a number of things about the effects of sexism on the Clinton campaign, which I do not propose to consider here. But she also claims that the concerns of Reagan Democrats have not [...]

The Trailer Is Wack. The Movie Is Not.

It does the whole ‘magical people of color’ bit, which I recognize is problematic. But the pacing is great , the script is really smart, and the four leads give flawless performances. Furthermore, it’s the second feature by Tom McCarthy, who helmed The Station Agent and was last seen making up stories as Scott [...]

Yosemite Sam, White Supremacist.

My boy Dan’s piece for the New York Times about old racist Warner Bros. cartoons.

Cartoons of a Racist Past Lurk on YouTube By DANIEL E. SLOTNIK

Among the millions of clips on the video-sharing Web site YouTube are 11 racially offensive Warner Brothers cartoons that have not been shown in an authorized release [...]

Whitehead's Satire Pops.

Award-winning novelist Colson Whitehead wrote a tongue-in-cheek op-ed piece for The New York Times today. In it he laments the woes of The Guy Who Got Where He Is Only Because He’s Black. Taking jabs at Obama critics who’ve labeled the candidate elitist, Geraldine Ferraro who doubly insisted that Obama has only managed [...]

The Amanda Marcotte Controversy: Race in the Feminist Blogosphere.

Amanda Marcotte.

BrownFemiPower is a well-respected, much-read blogger who took up the mantle of immigration as a feminist issue on the innanets.

Amanda Marcotte, another well-respected, much-read feminist blogger (who is no stranger to controversy) wrote an article for Alternet that some some people say borrowed liberally from an uncredited [...]