The Most Random ‘Wire’ Reference Ever.

Who knew? Apparently there’s a lot of overlap between the audiences for “The Wire” and “iCarly.”

h/t Sean @ Melanism.

The Wire’s Other 100 Greatest Quotes. (Massive Spoilers.)

The homie Jeremy Levine at Social Science Lite just hipped me to this video, which includes a lot of the moments many people thought were omitted in the first montage.

The Greatest Quotes from ‘The Wire.’

The homie blackink12 said he was just finally getting down to watch ‘The Wire.” Better late than never, right?

Looking back at this clip got me all amped. How did this show get us to root for all the people we ended up rooting for? (Not the middle schoolers in season four; you [...]

Notes on Brick City: Part 1 and 2.

(by Kiana, x-posted from ProperTalks)

Sundance’s Brick City is the only reality TV show worth watching this week. The street soldiers, sheroes and heroes of Newark New Jersey along with Mayor Cory Booker are all attempting to renew Newark’s urban landscape but they are up against the city’s infamous reputation, earned mostly with [...]

Drug Decriminalization and Racial Inequality in Pop Culture.

Our homie Jeremy Levine wrote a paper for one of his doctoral courses called “Social Structure and Culture in the Study of Race and Urban Poverty” (which is led by the eminent sociologist, William Julius Wilson) that became a post over on his dope blog, Social Science Lite. He was gracious enough to let [...]

Weekend Endorsements: Old TV Shows, Torture Memos, and Football.

quadmoniker: I’m finally catching up on Homicide: Life on the Street, the NBC drama that ran from 1993 and 1999. Though it’s not The Wire, it’s based on the David Simon book (Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets) and is still pretty good. I’m a little amazed it actually ran on a network. [...]

OMG. Y'all Suck.

How come nobody told us about this?

Life Imitates Art Imitates Life.

The Wire‘s Nerese Campbell, a shrewd and possibly corrupt city councilwoman, was based on Sheila Dixon of Baltimore, who had been dogged by allegations of wrongdoing. On the show, Campbell, like Dixon, eventually became the mayor of Baltimore.

Today, Mayor Dixon was indicted on 12 charges of corruption.