The Wire’s Other 100 Greatest Quotes. (Massive Spoilers.)

The homie Jeremy Levine at Social Science Lite just hipped me to this video, which includes a lot of the moments many people thought were omitted in the first montage.



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  • quadmoniker

    Ah yes, much better.

  • SaxFan

    awwww very nice indeed. I love Prop Joe! I wished they would have chosen the scene right before Prop Joe gets killed….he was talking about Marlo…Prop Joe said it was going to take a lot to civilize that Motha Fu@@a.

  • LaJane Galt

    LOVED the quote about Freamon’s, “tweedy impertinence”. That had me rolling for a good 5 minutes. I loved me some Brother Mouzone.

  • temi

    Perfect! I need to find time to rewatch the wire.

    • storm

      I was just thinking the same thing — I need to re-watch this show from start to finish, to savor it all one more ‘gin.

  • dilettante watches 2 much tv

    “The Dickensian aspect” Gus Hayes

    There were several remarkable quotes,when the major crimes unit, realized funding for 20+ bodies in the row houses would not be forthcoming. [Sydnor]? suggested the National Guard would have been deployed if the serial murders had occurred else where.

    [“Omar” lets Jackie Aprile Jr. crash w/him & his daughter before Jackie Jr.gets whacked in the projects?-from that other crime show]

  • Seeing Prop Joe get snuffed out still hurts.

    And I dont know how, “like a 40 degree day!” didnt make the first 100.

    As well as “You think it’s one way…but it’s the other way.”

  • “nice dolphin nigga”

    i fall out everytiume.

  • Yeah, let me go stop bojangling and cop that box set.

    Merry Christmas to me.

  • GVG

    They got all my scenes. Well done.

  • GVG

    I’ve watched every season of the wire half a dozen or a couple times more. Why am I still catching new things to this day? You might want to go back to season 3 ep 3 to the shoot out between Omar’s crew and the goons at the stash house to when the girl gets shot. WATCH CLOSELY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll wait.