'He Flips On The Greek/But The Greek Ain't Even Greek.'

Skillz rhymes a synopsis of all five seasons of ‘The Wire.’ Spoilers, obvs.

David Simon on Colbert.

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It's Down to the Wire.

This is great. How many people in North Carolina get it?

The Audacity of Despair and the Obama Coalition.

The central theme of “The Wire” is a pretty bleak one: our institutions are dysfunctional and/or corrupt, and America’s cities were beyond salvation. So can you buy that basic premise of the show and be an Obama supporter? We asked that way back in February back when our beloved show was ending, and [...]

"Like Not Giving a Nobel Prize to Tolstoy."

“It doesn’t make Tolstoy look bad, it makes the Nobel Prize look bad.” — Jacob Weisberg on The Emmys snubbing The Wire one last time.

[h/t: Ta-Nehisi]

Snoop On Larry King.

To our fellow Wire heads out there.

From The Best Show Ever to…90210.

So we talked about this before, and it doesn’t exactly squash our reservations. We get that this is a good career move for Tristan Wilds. Being a principal on a smart HBO show with literally dozens of characters guarantees an actor a lot of critical acclaim and not much else. But being a principal [...]

Nothing Will Ever be as Good as the Wire, Ever

I finished the book Homicide by David Simon.

I only recently became a David Simon fan, but I’d been talking about The Wire a lot at work and my coworker, who was cleaning out his desk. He used to cover the cops and courts for my paper, and while he was cleaning out [...]