It's Down to the Wire.

This is great. How many people in North Carolina get it?


  • Oh. Are those characters from The Wire? Or something?

  • and just like clockwork, shani comes in to hate on The Wire.

    Now all we need is LF!

  • I seriously didn’t know who any of those people were, but I put two and two together. Also, when have I ever hated on The Wire? Don’t get bitchy just because I haven’t any interest in watching your favorite show! I don’t hound you about Gossip Girl, do I?

  • But you do hound me about Gossip Girl!

  • That’s neither here nor there!

  • (But seriously, when are you doing that GG recap???)

  • quadmoniker

    Look, I’ve heard plenty of good things about Gossip Girl, but refusing to watch The Wire while touting that show is like saying you never got around to reading War and Peace because you were too busy re-reading The Devil Wears Prada. Any reasonably smart person knows they have to read War and Peace before they die. Sure, it’s long, and bound to wring out more than a tear. But you read it, close it, and say, “that’s what everyone’s talking about.” And you’ll be in on loads of contemporary references. Maybe you enjoyed The Devil Wears Prada, but your kids won’t ask you what you thought about it.

  • qm: relax! we’re just joshing. also, you’re making The Wire sound like vegetables.

    shani: i’ll do it tonight! do you have a particular episode in mind for me to do?

  • ladyfresshh

    oh wait i’m late

    and yet another ‘the wire’ post…

    will it never end?
    the agony of not understanding what it being posting, being utterly left out of the cool posters club
    oh woe’s me…

  • quadmoniker

    I meant it to be jokey :( Sorry. Also vegetables are delicious!

  • lf: you could just watch and not be left out. *nudges you*

  • ladyfresshh

    but quad…i haven’t gotten around to war and peace…harry potter was great though!
    *ducks tomatoes*

  • QM: Well, I have a copy of War and Peace that I put down about a year ago (beautifully written, but not very compelling). I’m a third of the way through. I’m sure I’ll finish it eventually. Honestly, I look for greatness in books, not television. (I can abide mindlessness in TV much better than I can in literature.)

    G.D. Ummmm… Hmm. You could do the most recent ep, or I could pick out a favorite from S1?

  • shani: most recent ep it is. (they’re online, right?)

  • rakia

    As someone who Netflixed the entire first season of The Wire because of all the hoopla, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. The only thing that happened that was super-compelling is when I wasn’t sure if Keema was dead or not. But I get that on Grey’s Anatomy on the regular.

    Yeah, I said it, GD! Sucka.