Dating, Children, And Black Culture.

The latest entry in Gawker’s series on interracial dating is the most interesting one, as it grapples clearly with one facet of interracial dating: Family. And specifically, starting a new one. [...]

Cliff Huxtable and Martin Bond Over Denise’s Vagina.


Eat Dessert, Lose Weight! * Hot New Product

On Magical Black Homophobia.

Stories like this are part of a pattern.

There’s a telling line that pops up in trend stories — those oft-mocked pieces you see in the New York Times Style section about how there’s a groundswell of well-heeled Upper East Siders taking their pets to doggie yoga or something — that let’s you [...]

Navigating The Affection Gap.

Last week, the Kinsey Institute released the results of a study that surveyed 1,009 heterosexual couples on their attitudes toward physical affection and sex. The “shocking” pull-quote making media rounds has to do with men in long-term relationships valuing physical affection (i.e. kissing and cuddling) more than women in long-term relationships, who [...]

Pathologizing the Bigotry of Black Folks.

When CNN’s Don Lemon came out earlier this week, his expression of his fears about being black and gay got a lot of attention.

Even beyond whatever effect his revelation might have on his television career, Mr. Lemon said he recognized this step carried special risk for him as a black man.


No Look Pass.

I’m looking forward to seeing this documentary.


Jasika Nicole, the actress best-known for playing Astrid on Fringe, is also a very talented artist. She recently tumbld (tumblrd?) this moving, personal piece about identity and the long, harrowing road to self-acceptance, which she gave us permission to repost.

Click to enlarge.

(Major, major h/t to the homie Sean Campbell [...]

Random Midday Hotness: Far Away.