Blogging Treme: Episode 5, ‘Shame, Shame, Shame.’

This week’s episode opens with a dream sequence, which are typically annoying, but it was a great way to allow the audience to catch both a glimpse of LaDonna’s missing brother, Daymo, and for us to grasp the kind of stress she’s under. But it’s not just her brother: after a night of haunting [...]

Blogging Treme: At The Foot of Canal Street.

In quadmoniker’s recap of last week’s episode of Treme she noted that the seemingly crawling pace of the show and its painstaking attention to detail would eventually come to fruition in the form of powerful storylines. “At The Foot of Canal Street” continued in this vein, not [...]

Blogging Treme: Right Place, Wrong Time.

I have to admit, I hadn’t watched Treme until last night. It’s not because I didn’t want to watch it, it’s because I really really did. I’ve never started watched a David Simon show as it unfolds, but rather in a months-long Netflix binge that makes the whole thing more like reading a book [...]

Blogging Treme: Meet De Boys on the Battlefront.

From the very start, we were warned.

“Treme” is not “The Wire,” and anyone tuning in to HBO at 10 p.m. Sunday – or watching the show through some illegal feed – expecting something similar was going to be disappointed. You would have to be patient, meet the characters and learn their motivations and [...]

Blogging Treme: The Pilot.

“Since when do nations not rebuild their great cities,” asks Creighton Bernette, a professor and professional mad man, standing out there on one of those levees with a British news crew.

To Creighton, played with full-throated indignation by John Goodman, there is only one acceptable answer.


Talking Treme.

We’re going to try to give Treme, the new HBO series by David Simon set in post-Katrina New Orleans, the same weekly recap treatment we gave to The Wire and that we give to Mad Men and Lost. (But apparently part of the ethos of postbourgiedom is not having HBO.)

We hope to have [...]