The Wrong Side of History.

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Given his history on this issue, he’ll probably have a new stance by January.


What’s the Difference?

Via Pam Spaulding, we catch John McCain, who was on Meet the Press and up to his usual weasel-iness on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” For months, McCain was calling for the results of a Pentagon study on the law before deciding whether to take any action on repealing it. Now that the study says that [...]

You Don't Say.

On Sunday, John McCain spoke out in favor of a policy that has meant the loss of thousands of qualified military personnel. Rightfully so, former Secretary of Army Clifford Alexander thinks this is deeply troubling:

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What’s so frustrating about this issue is that it seems unsophisticated for a civilized country. To [...]

Nov. 4, Condensed.

3 Days Out. (Calm Down Everybody.)

A lot of people seem pretty nervous that Obama could lose the campaign (the news about Obama’s aunt seems too minor to make a big enough dent in his huge leads in three days). But the math here is pretty straightforward, I think: if Obama wins all the Kerry states, + NM + [...]

Answer: Pretty Bad, Maybe.

G.D. wants to know how bad things have gotten for McCain.

Ambinder shares an e-mail received by Obama volunteers in Arizona. In response to polls showing how close the race is in the Copper State, Jon Carson writes, “Supporters like you have put us within striking distance. Now it’s time to pull off what no [...]

The Economist Endorses, Drolly.

[Cover of The Economist from May '08]

Those crazy Brits:

For all the shortcomings of the campaign, both John McCain and Barack Obama offer hope of national redemption. Now America has to choose between them. The Economist does not have a vote, but if it did, it would cast it for Mr Obama. We [...]

Irresponsible Speculation.

(Cross-posted from U.S. of J.)

Like the good Ned Resnikoff (a friend of the blog, and fellow Pushbacker), I too support irresponsible speculation. After all, if I didn’t, why else would I maintain this blog obsessively. With that in mind – and because I don’t feel like doing anything productive – here is what I [...]