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If the all-knowing Jake Tapper is correct, McCain’s next attack will be on comments Obama made seven years ago during a radio appearance in a discussion about slavery and the Constitution. Political Punch (long, I know): In that show — WBEZ-FM’s “Odyssey” — Obama discussed the role of the courts in civil rights. Today, aides Read More

The Detroit News: We readily acknowledge that McCain has run a distressingly ineffective presidential campaign. He has failed to find his voice on the campaign trail, rarely revealing the appealing personal characteristics and refreshing political views that caused us to endorse him in Michigan’s Republican primary in January. His selection of Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin Read More

She might give Jindal a run for his money. Ambinder: There’s a suspicion in some McCain loyalist precincts that Gov. Sarah Palin is beginning to play the Republican base against John McCain — McCain won’t let her campaign in Michigan…McCain won’t let her bring up Jeremiah Wright… McCain doesn’t like her terrorist pal talks…. Think Read More

So many of the arguments made by conservatives for Barack Obama — Christopher Buckley, Ken Adelman, etc — come across more as indictments of McCain and the Bush administration than endorsements for the Democratic candidate. (In so many of the newspaper endorsements, the Palin pick has figured very prominently.) If you’re a small-government conservative, neither Read More

Well, not exactly like Sarah Jane. I mean, Sarah Jane was an impetuous, self-involved brat who was taken in and cleaned up by a rich blonde before eventually being ruined by petty, self-defeating grudges as she got older. So you see, there are absolutely no parallels. In the rural Teoc community of Carroll County, Miss., Read More

On Fox News, no less.

[brightcove vid=1866657225&exp=1417423198&w=486&h=412] Some McCain supporters call some of the wingnuts out. Props.

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