Image: ABC News A while back we wrote that Robert Mugabe, dictator of Zimbabwe, would ultimately control who leads the country for the next five years. Unfortunately, that’s the case. Morgan Tsvangirai, above, the leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, stepped down yesterday in his bid for president, citing a violence-plagued election. At least Read More

50 Cent called Alicia Keys dumb. And he said he doesn’t like her music anymore because last week she was quoted as saying that “‘Gangsta rap’ was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other. ‘Gangsta rap’ didn’t exist.” “It’s just not really a bright comment …” 50 said. Now, he swears he’ll Read More

If you’ve wondered why Robert Mugabe would still be a competitive candidate in Zimbabwe, or even a candidate at all, the Mail and Guardian newspaper based in Johannesburg has a piece today answering that question. Mugabe’s mystique is a complex thing. In rural areas, and even among urban residents, his liberation credentials and black empowerment Read More

Some news outlets are reporting that Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s president since independence 28 years ago, has conceded the first round of the presidential election to the opposition, and there is talk that he might even step down without a fight. A second round would require him or Morgan Tsvangirai, from the Movement for Democratic Change, Read More

The video invokes painful historical imagery — older and larger black women dressed in maids uniforms, sitting on their knees before several 20-something white men. Speaking in Afrikaans, the men call the women whores, and the women call the men master, a term blacks were forced to use during apartheid when addressing whites. Duped into Read More

The homophobia often associated with Jamaica and dancehall music in particular is a mess of contradictions. “In Jamaica we grew up in a homophobic society and the Bible is what we go by,” explains Vincent Nap, a Britain-based reggae artist. “You can’t expect us to turn around like our religion doesn’t matter.” [TIME] The Times Read More

I had never realized how much America is on the minds of those who have never stepped foot on American soil and may never have the means to go. People here in South Africa are concerned that the U.S. will purchase fewer South African exports if the country goes into recession later this year. Barack Read More

    Minority cartoonists say they are tired of being lumped together on America’s comic strip pages and this Sunday plan to “mock the idea that their work is interchangeable” by using an identical strip. In each strip, the artists will portray a white reader grousing about a minority-drawn strip, complaining that it’s a “Boondocks” Read More

I thought I had read yesterday’s headline before: “L.A. Times editor is forced out.” In fact, I had – four times in the past three years.