Help us make sense of something: that much-discussed Pew poll that said black people were increasingly less likely to think racial discrimination played a part in the disparity in achievement between blacks and whites (or even between middle-class and poor blacks). “A 53% majority of African Americans say that blacks who don’t get ahead are Read More

“The era of cowboy diplomacy is over.” Senator Hillary Clinton told a group of black ministers in South Carolina today that if she receives the Democratic Party’s nomination for president, she’ll reach out to leaders from both parties in choosing a Vice President, “people like Colin Powell.” Powell, former Secretary of State under W, resigned Read More

Superconservative Pat Robertson has endorded not Mitt Romney, not Sam Brownback — if he were still in the race of course — but Rudy Giuliani. No, for real. The same Rudy Giuliani who supports abortion rights, civil unions for gay couples, has been married three times, is estranged from his children, and who announced his Read More

– In New York, a school that’s failing the federal No Child Left Behind law might be considered passing under new guidelines put forward by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. This new system doesn’t consider reputation; so don’t expect that the last three digits of your zip code warrant a free pass. – Speaking of NCLB, Read More

It didn’t take long for Roland G. Fryer, a black Harvard economist and recently named “chief equality officer” of New York City public schools, to begin stirring trouble in the nation’s largest school district. Cell phone usage in schools has been a contentious issue in districts across the country, but Fryer is proposing a plan Read More

Last week, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick threw his endorsement behind longtime friend Barack Obama. The endorsement was seen by some as an opportunity for Obama to leverage his grassroots support in Massachusetts to garner votes in neighboring New Hampshire for the important early primaries. The Patrick speaks, people —- particularly young people —- listen. But Read More