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This week, G.D. and Joel are joined by the always-insightful Jay Smooth of IllDoctrine, Donwill of the critically acclaimed hip-hop group Tanya Morgan, and Wyatt Cenac of “The Daily Show,” to talk about Michael Rapaport’s documentary on A Tribe Called Quest, “Beats Rhymes and Life.” You’ll also learn about Wyatt’s secret crooner past and Bushwick Read More

Without further ado, “Otis”: Oh look, another article about who black women should be dating.  Great. Our own jbouie on last night’s debate. A new poll finds that only 34 percent of Americans would be able to find $1,000 in their savings account if they needed to. And lastly, your Friday cute. Have a good Read More

I’m not going to venture an opinion on The Help other than to say Mary J. is at it again: I’m also not going to mention that this is (at least) the second time she’s been on a soundtrack with a song that is possibly better than the movie.  On to the leftovers: Black women bike Read More

When I say I hate you… this is what I mean. Well, first, let me clarify:  I hate bad spoken word.  The “I’m deep by sound and headwrap and ankh tattoo alone” spoken word.  The “as long as I say something about Africa, this is a good poem” spoken word.  The affected cadence.  The wildly Read More

G.D. goes H.A.M. See for yourself. Can we get more stuff like this, boss? Anyway, it goes without saying but: Congrats to our talented and fearless leader. Now how about some randomness? 1. London Bridges Burning Down:  Folks in London are rioting and generally fucking shit up after police shot and killed a 29-year-old black Read More

see 10 min doc here. From HuffPo: This addiction to challenges carries over into the album’s production, with the rappers flipping through genres and tempos and verse structures like a veritable Wikipedia of pop music. They each rap entire verses, they battle line-to-line, Jay dips back into double-time, Kanye drawls out words that should never Read More