I’m not going to venture an opinion on The Help other than to say Mary J. is at it again:

I’m also not going to mention that this is (at least) the second time she’s been on a soundtrack with a song that is possibly better than the movie.  On to the leftovers:

Black women bike too.

Derailing for dummies: how to converse with marginalized people.

Speaking of dummies, those bottled water ads aren’t fooling anyone.

Why Rick Perry is going to the White House.


Fur coating and shit.

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  • Derailing for dummies…priceless!

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  • Scipio Africanus

    I was your lover and your sec-uh-terr’… (c) Ms. Blige.

  • -k-

    “Rick Perry — 2012 — Not a Mormon.”

    Perry’s gonna blow the other candidates out of the water, guaran-damn-teed. God save us all if he gets to the White House.