Protecting or Suppressing the Vote?

Under the argument that states need to protect themselves against voter fraud, Republicans are making a unified push for election reform, and at the forefront is the campaign for implementing and strengthening voter ID requirements. It is one of the popular topics of legislation, as 20 states that did not have laws requiring voter [...]

Your Midweek Random-Ass Roundup: Real Unprofessional.

When I’m this late with the roundup , there’s no need in being snarky or cute about it. Hope y’all enjoy the links:

1. Argh, I’m in DC so I missed what was probably the best NYCity’s Pride parade, which I am sure was a hell of a party since same-sex marriage was legalized [...]

Open Thread: National HIV Testing Day.

Today is National HIV Testing Day. How up-to-date is your status?

Tell us about the first (or last) time you were tested. Where’d you go? Were you worried? Did you bring a friend or partner along for moral support or to co-test?

We believe it’s important to keep the conversation about HIV prevention and [...]


It’s a little bananas over here in the completely conceptual PB offices, but there will be some proper posting going on tomorrow. Pinky promise.

Until then, some links for your perusal:

Obama announces a drawdown to the war in Afghanistan, beginning with bringing 33,000 troops home this summer. Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize-winning [...]

Humpday Hate: In Defense of Lisa Raye’s Acting.

I will admit that I have not always been nice to Lisa Raye. She’s probably a great person. Likely a good mom. She’s absolutely stunning. But her acting is BALLS. It is absolute balls. It’s a basket of balls (see: Single Ladies).

But I’m going to stop being so hard on her about it because [...]

Your Tuesday Random-Ass Roundup: Got Jokes?

What should we make of the people who laughed at any of Reggie Brown’s unfortunate comedic stylings, let alone the part of his hackneyed set that included jokes about Black History Month and Stanley Ann Dunham not being one of the Kardashians?

I’m guessing the Republican Leadership Conference didn’t want to pay extra for [...]

PostBourgie Podcast: #17: Puns Intended.

This week, Jamelle, Joel, Monica and me chop it over the implosion of Anthony Weiner’s Congressional career, and try to make sense of the early Republican field.

Listen to the podcast here on the blog (and subscribe on iTunes). Click once to play, click again to download. (Some salty language.)

PostBourgie: The [...]


"I think it could be declared with near certainty, monsieur, that you are not up on that."

French postcards from 1910 imagining the year 2000.

Sarah Palin wants to go to Sudan for some reason. “…why should Sudan have any interest in hosting Palin? Even if the country weren’t in such a delicate state, [...]