PostBourgie Podcast: #17: Puns Intended.

This week, Jamelle, Joel, Monica and me chop it over the implosion of Anthony Weiner’s Congressional career, and try to make sense of the early Republican field.

Listen to the podcast here on the blog (and subscribe on iTunes). Click once to play, click again to download. (Some salty language.)

PostBourgie: The Podcast – #17: Puns Intended..

Key Links:

Exit Weiner.

Tim Pawlenty gets his card pulled during the GOP debate and responds rather chumpishly.

John Frank profiles Rick Scott, the um, eccentric governor of Florida, in the latest issue of The American Prospect.


Monica shouts down Top Chef Masters, and the Top Chef franchise’s lingering marginalization of chefs who aren’t white dudes.

Jamelle pays to be nerdy. (And does his involuntary Pierre Bernard impersonation.)

Joel does his normal duel shout-out:  The State of Jones by Sally Jenkins and John Stauffer and ESPN’s documentary, Black Magic, on the integration of basketball. (ESPN has the video podcasts up on its site.)

And finally, some potentially big changes here at PB. This is all in the inchoate stages right now, but it’s exciting. (And kinda terrifying.)

As always, thank you for reading and listening.



Gene "G.D." Demby is the founder and editor of PostBourgie. In his day job, he blogs and reports on race and ethnicity for NPR's Code Switch team.
  • I lost it at my desk at, “Well, thanks for supporting sexism, Joel.”

    • eff whatcha heard: discrimination is delicious.

      • blackink12

        See, if Monica had ever actually had one of Blais’ burgers, that whole shoutdown would have never happened.

        • quadmoniker

          You know who made good burgers? Hitler.

  • keke

    Great podcast, but i really wanted to comment and thank you for using the word inchoate. I am currently studying for the GRE and it’s great to be introduced to new vocabulary words!

    • quadmoniker

      you should sign up for merriam-webster’s word of the day podcast on itunes.

  • I died at my desk @ “It’s the last thing the other person said, plus dick.”

  • One of the other things that makes Weiner’s circumstances different from Giuliani’s was that Giuliani was already mayor before his skeevishness became public. And although he didn’t have much to do with the plummeting crime rates and real estate boom that coincided with his mayoralty, that was the popular narrative, and it redounded to the benefit of his popularity.

    And again, while Giuliani’s supposed heroism during 9/11 is wildly overstated, if not outright false, it still helped bolster his good standing.

    Comparatively, Weiner ain’t done shit.

  • K

    Is there something going on with the iTunes feed? I never know there’s a new podcast until I have time to sit down and get my Google Reader on.

    Can’t wait to listen, though!

    • hmm. this episode doesn’t show for you?

  • K

    Nope. I refreshed my feed and everything. Maybe I’ll try it again?