Phylicia Barnes and the Black Girl’s Burden.

Phylicia Barnes

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I was home for the holidays when Phylicia Barnes went missing. My immediate family—all women, now four generations deep, with the birth of my daughter—huddled around the small kitchen TV, listening to local news anchors explain the facts surrounding Barnes’ disappearance: black high school honors [...]

Sexism, What About the Children?! Edition.

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LZ Granderson used his weekly column at yesterday to bury the otherwise unobjectionable objection to over-sexualizing young girls in reductive language that will do more harm than good. In fairness, he likely didn’t write the deplorable headline: “Parents, don’t dress your girls like tramps.” (Next up [...]

Random Midday Hotness: The KO Hip-Hop Cello-Beatbox Experience.

Your Tuesday Random-Ass Roundup: Buying Civilization.

President Obama made $1.7 million last year. (Avon)

And he wants to pay more taxes.

And he did it while doing all of this f*cking stuff.


What’d you do?

1. The NYT goes in on the Ryan budget, echoing PostBourgie’s own Jamelle Bouie in saying “If it was not clear before, it [...]


Random Midday Hotness: Look at Me Now.

The breath control is amazing.

To Protect and Serve?

This is so tone-deaf that it almost defies belief:

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — A police union has given its Officer of the Year award to the policeman who shot and killed a college football player during a disturbance in the New York City suburbs.

Parents of the student, 20-year-old Danroy Henry Jr., of Easton, [...]

Your Tuesday Random-Ass Roundup.

Here’s an unusually late, no-frills roundup of links. Sorry for the delay:

1. In the year since the Gulf oil spill, communities along the coast have spent hundreds of millions of BP’s dollars that have little to do with the cleanup. (Blackink)

2. PolitiFact has fact-checked three of the most notable – if not incendiary [...]