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President Obama made $1.7 million last year. (Avon) And he wants to pay more taxes. And he did it while doing all of this f*cking stuff. h/t What’d you do? 1. The NYT goes in on the Ryan budget, echoing PostBourgie’s own Jamelle Bouie in saying “If it was not clear before, it is obvious Read More

This is so tone-deaf that it almost defies belief: WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (AP) — A police union has given its Officer of the Year award to the policeman who shot and killed a college football player during a disturbance in the New York City suburbs. Parents of the student, 20-year-old Danroy Henry Jr., of Easton, Read More

Here’s an unusually late, no-frills roundup of links. Sorry for the delay: 1. In the year since the Gulf oil spill, communities along the coast have spent hundreds of millions of BP’s dollars that have little to do with the cleanup. (Blackink) 2. PolitiFact has fact-checked three of the most notable – if not incendiary Read More

Cross-posted from TAPPED. Elahe Izadi at DCentric points to a post by Matt Yglesias about that profile of him and other bloggers in The New York Times a few weeks back: When the New York Times recently did a piece on me, Ezra Klein, Brian Beutler, and Dave Weigel exactly zero people complained about the Read More

If you were looking for a single highlight from last night’s NCAA men’s basketball championship game, here it is: As a native Texan, let me be the first to tell you that the Lone Star State is a big, proud, weird place. And now you’ve got even more proof. Now on to the links: 1. Read More

That whole Grant Hill/Jalen Rose flap overshadowed one of the more obvious instances of racialized recruiting in big-time college basketball: The University of Arizona Wildcats. Hmmm. Is it any wonder that Gilbert Arenas was famously told he’d never play a minute at Arizona?

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