Baratunde Thurston on Donald Trump, Obama’s Birth Certificate, and the Degradation of Americans.

by Andrea Plaid. Cross-posted from Racialicious.

With all of the jokes about “Birthers” and Donald Trump’s toupee as well as the leftysphere excoriating the mainstream media for not taking Trump to task for his antics, Jack and Jill Politics’ Baratunde Thurston breaks down what we lost due to Trump’s BS.

Transcript after the [...]

Your Mid-Week Random-Ass Roundup: Pre-Birthers.

President Obama produced his papers. Donald Trump now wants to review his college records.

And of course, some folks will never accept that Obama is our nation’s legitimate president.

Which makes sense: If Hawaii had been part of Real America in 1961, there’s no way they would have allowed all of that race-mixin’.

But [...]

BET Tries to Do Better.

Tired of being the butt of everyone’s jokes, BET is adding significantly to its original programming roster. If the record-breaking success of the The Game and the benign tolerance of Let’s Stay Together are any indication, BET viewers are quite open to any adequately-plotted sitcoms and dramas the network might throw their [...]

Coloured and Canadian.

'O, Canada,' by Kwame Delfish

Last night, I just about broke out into hives reading this essay by Alyson Renaldo, “Black Canadian Like Me,” over at The Root. The piece addresses issues that as a black Canadian, I have some familiarity with. When I cross the border into the U.S., I [...]

Random Midday Hotness: Killin’ Em at Recess.


Life After Church: The Church Of What’s Happening Now.

Life After Church is a recurring PostBourgie feature, in which PB’s writers discuss their evolving ideas about faith and religion. (See previous entries in this series from Stacia here and here, from Monica here, from Alisa here, and from Shani here.) Sean Campbell is a friend of the blog, and blogs at [...]

RIP, Phoebe Snow.

The day just got sadder. In Edison, NJ singer-songwriter Phoebe Snow has also died. She was 60.

Though Snow is best known for her 1974 self-titled debut album, she’s had enduring fan appreciation, due in no small part to her classic single, “Poetry Man.”

If you’ve ever had a crush on a soulful, artistic, [...]

RIP, Poly Styrene.

I’d never heard of Poly Styrene before this morning, when I found my social media news feed peppered with news of her lost battle to breast cancer. I did some quick research, which confirmed that she was pretty amazing. As frontwoman of the group, X-Ray Spex, she dominated the UK punk scene [...]