Dogwhistles and Handshakes.

CNBC’s Larry Kudlow thinks that President Obama and Hugo Chavez shared a “Boyz N the Hood”-style handshake.

But not really. I actually thought it looked more like this.

I really can’t wait until someone blacks out in front of the cameras and microphones and calls Obama a nigger. Or nigra, at the least.

Post-script: Matt Yglesias, who dubbed Obama’s greeting of Chavez “the handshake of doom,” brings some heat and light to the discussion about U.S. policy toward post-Cold War Latin America.

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  • blackink12

    Btw, I also thought of titling this post “When uppity doesn’t go far enough…”

  • Obama can do no right apparently.

    Still, before people start talking about how great Chavez is, the dude is an absolute racist, sexist prick and I like how Obama is keeping him at arms length (especially cause the dude is probably going to lose power soon, he should start warming up for his replacement). The only thing he was good for was a foil for Bush, which made him the second-worst leader in the Western hemisphere for the past 8 years.