'Awesome' jumps the shark.

Seven people used it to describe First Lady Michelle Obama in Pew’s Obama at 100 Days poll.


From the poll:

Many of the words people use to describe Michelle Obama are similar to peoples’ early impressions of Laura Bush. In fact, three words, Classy, Nice, and Intelligent are among the top four one-word descriptions for both Bush in 2001 and Obama today.

But there are also substantial differences in the two women’s images. Among the most often used words to describe Michelle Obama are Strong, Confident, Smart, Wife, and Wonderful, none of which were in the top-20 words used for Laura Bush eight years ago. By contrast, Mrs. Bush was often described as Ladylike, Quiet, Loyal, Dignified, and Pleasant, none of which make the list for Mrs. Obama. Notably, Michelle Obama is rarely described in ideological terms — only one person out of 765 interviewed describes her as Liberal. In July 2001, Conservative was the seventh most-frequently used word to describe Laura Bush, mentioned by 28 out of 1,212 respondents.

Meanwhile, President Obama’s personal favorability ratings are insanely high, and his approval ratings are pretty damn good, too. (But, um, what’s wrong with Biden?)

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  • I’d even say that the appearance of “fine” on this list is a boon for the black vernacular. It cant mean fine like ‘ok, just fine.’ It has to mean fine like ‘mmm that woman is fine!” Score for us.

  • Somewhere, I imagine Juan Williams is choking on his own tongue. Who knew Stokley Carmichael would be so popular?

  • I mean…what do these lists really say about the average American’s vocabulary. “Nice” was used more than any other word. LOL To be honest though had I been polled my response would have been “Meesh is the truth”