Jesus Was A Community Organizer

But Pontius Pilate was a governor.

Is it too early to get worried? Because I am. For a while I have been trying to fight off feelings of dread inspired by thoughts like those of Thembi but this week’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher” brought them all rushing back.

What killed me, what has been killing me, is the self-satisfied smugness of John Fund, the lone republican on the panel and that of so many other republican supporters. At this point I can see why they are though. As Maher notes in the clip there is a difference between what is political and what is true…but true might not matter. This is why in the face of example after example of Palin’s incompetence and Janeane Garofalo’s growing outrage, Fund could smile and say “Keep it up!”. A person can be smart. But people? People are generally dumb. McCain and his camp know that, or at least intuit it. Being right doesn’t help because it’s up against such an unmitigated tide of stupid.


Well, at least in the meantime the panel got a few good shots in like Garofalo referring to republicans as the “unrestrained id of American society” and Maher quipping that in light of the 42 meth labs discovered ind Palin’s home county it’s wonder she didn’t have a kid named “Tweaker”.

Hopefully such witticisms will offer some consolation if this thing falls apart come November.

  • preservetherepublic

    How was Jesus a community organizer? He really wasn’t. I just wrote about this on my blog at Very nice post! I just wrote about the same thing on my blog at Pilate on the other hand, refused to condemn Jesus or save him. He kind of voted “present” so to speak. That is kind of like Obama’s voting record. Anyway, this election is going to be close! People are tired of both parties. Bush’s approval rating is horrible and Congress’ rating is worse. Maybe everyone needs to change parties for “change”. Maybe Libertarian? No matter where you stand on the issues, this has been interesting and negative campaigning is hurting both sides.