Being Natural in Kentucky.

Louisville, KY

I’ve been meaning to write this entry since a few months after I moved back to Kentucky from Philly, but I guess its better that I didn’t do it so soon. After being natural for two years and spending one of those years in Louisville, KY, I’ve had a lot more time [...]

Life Lessons With Jawn Murray.

Today’s lesson: “I’m sorry you feel that way” is NOT an apology.



I’d had a sucky weekend. The reasons why, the story about what happened, that doesn’t matter. Just know that I’d spent my entire weekend indoors, stewing, just wanting to be somewhere else. Finally, it was Sunday and I spent the day anxious to jump out of the house, if not out of my very [...]

Black Fraternities, Sororities, and Violent Hazing: Lots of Causes, Few Solutions.

Crossposted from Campus Progress.

The New York Times reports on the stories of two young women—one in California, and one in New Jersey—who were violently hazed by members of their college chapters of Sigma Gamma Rho, a historically black sorority, during the pledging process:

At Rutgers, six members of Sigma Gamma Rho were [...]

Michigan Asst. Attorney General: Stalking a College Student Not Personal, Just Political.

This is madness:

Anderson Cooper interviews Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell, who has dedicated a stand-alone, frequently updated blog to attacking Chris Armstrong, the openly gay student-body president of the University of Michigan.

Shirvell’s blog includes long rants about Armstrong’s personal life, chronicles Armstrong’s Facebook activity as well as the lives of Armstrong’s friends [...]

On Antoine Dodson and Memes.

Coming in on the tail end of a meme is always interesting. Sometimes it’s just as hilarious as everyone who was on it from the beginning said it was. Sometimes it’s not hilarious, and rather, just pretty effed up.

Case in point: Antoine Dodson, also known as the “Bed Intruder” dude.

I was vaguely aware [...]

Last Words on the Down Low.

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On Tuesday, I wrote about President Obama’s visit to The View today and suggested he bring up his new initiative to fight the HIV/AIDS in the black community. But as I predicted, Obama did not mention it, nor did he confront host Sherri Shepherd for blaming high rates of HIV/AIDS in the black [...]

Shirley Sherrod.


This week’s controversy centered on Shirley Sherrod, an official with the USDA who was forced to resign today after a video surfaced of a speech she gave on Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government website. In the speech, Sherrod talks about an incident that happened when she worked for an agricultural nonprofit and a [...]