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This week, Monica, Jamelle, Nicole and Joel discuss the aftermath of the horrific shooting in Tucson, Ariz., and Amy Chua’s argument for “Chinese  mothering.” Listen to the podcast here on the blog (and subscribe on iTunes). Click once to play, click again to download. (Some salty language.) PostBourgie: The Podcast – 14: A Gun in Every Black Pot. Related Links: Read More

Coming in on the tail end of a meme is always interesting. Sometimes it’s just as hilarious as everyone who was on it from the beginning said it was. Sometimes it’s not hilarious, and rather, just pretty effed up. Case in point: Antoine Dodson, also known as the “Bed Intruder” dude. I was vaguely aware Read More

So, I hate police brutality as much as the next person, but over at TAPPED today I tried to lay out the scenarios in which cops can use force. The fact is they can. If someone resists arrest or become physically violent, officers can use force to get them under control and make the arrest. Read More

I understand that the American Academy of Pediatrics recent decision to support a doctor-performed ritual ‘nick’ of female genitalia is a form of harm reduction for girls in the U.S. Surely, a nick, or a scratch, or shallow cut performed in a sterile environment is a far better option than having the clitoris and/or labia Read More

Elena Kagan, the U.S.’s solicitor general, is on nearly every speculative shortlist to replace Justice John Paul Stevens. Salon’s Glenn Greenwald isn’t sold on her (to put it mildly) because her views on lots of important constitutional questions aren’t clear. (And anyone who watched the last several confirmation proceedings knows that they’re not likely to Read More

A lot of people were disappointed by the NYT‘s anticlimactic story on David Paterson that followed lots of speculation about a bombshell the paper was working on. (Many said the story would force Paterson to resign.)  The story that ran focused on the checkered past of a close aide, David Johnson, who was arrested on Read More

Cross-posted from TAPPED. On Tuesday, a judge in Kansas ruled for the second time that he wouldn’t bar Scott Roeder, the 51-year-old accused of killing the Kansas abortion provider George Tiller in May, from arguing that he believed he needed to kill Tiller to protect unborn children. The judge, Warren Wilbert, denied prosecutors requests to Read More

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