Loving (And Side-Eyeing) Your Alma Mater.

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A lot of Jason Whitlock’s writing has a similar tic: even when he’s in the vicinity of right about some idea, he torpedoes that argument by turning it into a critique of the putative cultural deficiencies of Negroes. Take this essay, in which he looks at the financial troubles besetting Grambling [...]

Your Random-Ass Roundup: Somebody’s Watching Me.


Turns out, Berry’s boy was right after all. [...]

‘Between Southern Pride and Southern Blame.’


Brad Paisley was kind enough to pen a tribute to my childhood. I’d like to think that I’m the man who works “in the Starbucks down on Main.”

Or rather:

I’m the kid who shudders a bit and starts biting his nails upon walking into an auto parts store far flung from the [...]

What’s In a Name? Kind of a Lot.


Refusing to learn how to pronounce Quvenzhané’s name says, pointedly, you are not worth the effort. The problem is not that she has an unpronounceable name, because she doesn’t. The problem is that white Hollywood, from Ryan Seacrest and his homies to the AP reporter who decided to call her “Annie” rather than her real name, doesn’t deem her as important as, say, Renee Zellwegger, or Zach Galifinakis, or Arnold Schwarzenegger, all of whom have names that are difficult to pronounce–but they manage. [...]

Hard to Believe Racism Still Exists?

Uh, sure?

Hard to believe that this kind of behaviour still exists. America, you need to do something about your racists. hellothereracists.tumblr.com

— Matt Gemmell (@mattgemmell) November 15, 2012


In all seriousness, I find it both adorable and baffling when white people discover the reality of racial prejudice. Adorable, because, c’mon—it’s not hard to [...]

Revisiting Real Americas.


Sarah Palin wouldn’t recognize these places. [...]

It’s the Most Oblivious Time of the Year!

First that weird afro lady, and now this:

Enjoy Recurring Commission For Your Reverse Phone Search Traffic

At the most resent Pep Rally for Waverly High School, located in Waverly NY, the usual fanfare of cheering for the home team to get them ready was in full swing. As the rally progressed [...]

Toward a Unified Theory of Race and Penises.


Jean Phillippe Rushton, a Canadian psychologist with some, er, interesting theories around racial differences, has died at the age of 68. [...]