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Of all the X-men installments from the movie franchise, hands down “X-Men First Class” is its star pupil. It has all the components: vengeance, thrilling action scenes that don’t try to bombard you with all the latest special effects, and quality actors that transform these original 2-D comic book characters into fleshy, multi-faceted beings (well, Read More

That whole Grant Hill/Jalen Rose flap overshadowed one of the more obvious instances of racialized recruiting in big-time college basketball: The University of Arizona Wildcats. Hmmm. Is it any wonder that Gilbert Arenas was famously told he’d never play a minute at Arizona?

UCLA student posts racist rant about Asians on Youtube—–> Student receives barrage of death threats——> Scared for life, student makes apology fast and gets it published in the school newspaper—–> Pissed UCLA student organizations and Chancellor respond with vigor…but so far no ACTION has been taken to reprimand the third-year student, Alexandra Wallace. via Colorlines: Read More

Daniel J. Flynn of the conservative magazine Human Events thinks that American racism could have been whittled away by the power of the free market. Businessmen motivated by racial solidarity rather than profits won’t stay in business. Landlords limiting tenants by race, storekeepers limiting customers by race, foremen limiting workers by race limit themselves just Read More

Of all the people who have weighed in on Tucker Carlson’s purposefully incendiary comments about Michael Vick, Princeton professor Melissa Harris-Perry has had perhaps the most interesting take on the controversy: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Harris-Perry elaborated a bit more today on the connection between Carlson’s rhetoric Read More

Dodai Stewart asks whether the casting agents for the upcoming film adaptation of The Hobbit are racist because they turned away a dark-skinned woman seeking an extra role as a hobbit. The agents’ reasoning is that hobbits are fair-skinned. The woman who got turned away says it’s racism. Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings director Read More

The TSA’s new airport security protocols, in which folks are either subjected to high-tech x-ray screening or patdowns, have ruffled a lot of feathers from people who have become rather convenient civil libertarians. I caught Dave Barry, the humorist, on NPR the other day joking about an embarrassing search as he waited to board a plane, Read More

Maybe my standards are low (actually, they probably are), but this interview Amanda Hess did with Justin Goforth, community health director at the Whitman Walker Clinic, kind of blew my mind with its humanization of young gay black men: For a sexual health provider like the Whitman-Walker clinic, getting HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment to black, Read More

Before Monday, I can’t say that I knew much – if anything –  about Jeffrey Lord. I was probably better off, considering his online column posted yesterday morning at The American Spectator about Shirley Sherrod was breathtaking in its ignorance and shamelessness. Lord essentially called Sherrod a liar for using the word “lynch” to describe Read More

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