PostBourgie Is An Army/Better Yet A Navy.

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Also, this happened: Page 414 of Chimamanda Adichie’s novel, Americanah.

Can I take a moment to brag on my PB family right quick? Because this summer has been so, so real.

Stacia is running the social media show at ColorLines.

Jamelle will be covering politics at the Daily Beast.

PB on the Radio.


Why is the PB fam all over up in your iTunes and your Stitcher, though? [...]

PB’s Big Move.

We’ve made mention of this recently on the podcast and on the blog but the time has finally come: the PB massive is taking its snarky ruminations over to the Huffington Post BlackVoices.

It’s exciting. It’s terrifying. And we need you to come along with us. What makes PB so much fun [...]

Programming Notes.

We everywhere:

Monica appeared on Public Radio International’s “Here and Now” to talk about all those promised green jobs that just aren’t showing up. (This was the subject of her very good cover story for The American Prospect from last November.) Jamelle recently recorded a BloggingHeads with Peter Suderman of Reason magazine in which they [...]

Meet the New PBers.

(Something like this, but you know. Not wack.)

All, you may have noticed some of us are busy with our day jobs and new babies and posting a lot less here. As much as we hate that, PB has never really put food in our tummies.

To pick up some of the [...]

…Next Week, It’s the Fries.

There’s been a lot of upheaval in the purely conceptual PostBourgie offices in the last few weeks. Shani is heading back to DC next month start a new gig as the associate editor at in DC. But also! Jamelle, our resident policy wonk, is heading over to The American Prospect as a writing [...]

Programming Notes.

Jamelle, our resident political wunderkind, is now also blogging at his new digs over at True/Slant.

Brokey McPoverty, our resident jokestress, is now snapping on your uncle’s church suit over at The Urban Daily.

Please make [...]

Talking Treme.

We’re going to try to give Treme, the new HBO series by David Simon set in post-Katrina New Orleans, the same weekly recap treatment we gave to The Wire and that we give to Mad Men and Lost. (But apparently part of the ethos of postbourgiedom is not having HBO.)

We hope to have [...]