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Emily Bazelon is also uneasy about the outing of racist teenage tweeters: Scrolling through this collection, I’m so grossed out by the tweets that it’s hard to remember why I think this Tumblr is such a bad idea. OK, right: As my colleague Laura Anderson reminded me in an email thread, “I don’t think strangers Read More

Alf Kumalo, who died yesterday at the age of 82, “was one the the best and most important” of South Africa’s apartheid-era photojournalists,.

A recent Touré monologue contains language that sounds very similar to something another reporter wrote a month earlier.

A recent (well, maybe not in internet years) episode of Planet Money returned to Haiti, where they’ve been doing a lot of reporting on the economics of the country post-earthquake and investigating how much NGOs are hurting or helping the recovery there. In a previous podcast, they had visited a rural school that could barely Read More

Last week, the Obama administration held an outreach event at the White House with black bloggers. The meeting didn’t get much attention at the time, but that changed when the NYT’s Media Decoder blog reported that portions of the event, which were supposed to be on background or completely off the record — including phone Read More

Campus Progress is hiring staff writers for September-December, and applications are due next Tuesday, July 20. Writers can be based anywhere (one of our writers is currently in China), they don’t have to be current college students, and best of all, they’ll get some great clips to take with them after their time is up! Read More

Over at Salon’s Broadsheet, Sara Libby – a Friend of the Blog — takes a critical look at the whiteness and maleness of the new pundit class: What bothered me about Calderone’s ranting wasn’t so much whether any of these young men deserved to break into these famously stodgy, old-school institutions — I find all their Read More

PostBourgie: The Podcast, Episode 4: “Black Women Should Just Quit Life.” Monica, Jamelle and I are back with a discussion about That Study on women of color and wealth; marriage equality in D.C., and Marc Thiessen on the Daily Show. Listen to the podcast here on the blog (and subscribe). Click once to play, click Read More