Now, this could just be a coincidence, but here’s ColorLines’ indispensible Brentin Mock, who has been covering votin

g rights for ColorLines and the Nation, writing about True the Vote, a poll-watching organization affiliated with tea party groups, back on September 5:

[Illinois] is one of 24 states where your voting rights can be challenged by a poll watcher — any random person, really, who happens to be at your polling place — even if the watcher doesn’t have any evidence that you actually need to be challenged. And if you are challenged in Illinois, you have to produce two forms of ID to prove that you’re eligible to vote.

And here’s Touré on MSNBC on October 26 (relevant bit starts about 30 seconds in):

Illinois is one of those 24 states where anyone can challenge anyone’s right to vote for any reason, and once challenged you need to produce two forms of ID to vote.

That’s some pretty similar phrasing, shorn of a few words for time. And it’s probably not a huge deal, but given our skepticism toward Touré’s seriousness as a political commentator, it’s worth highlighting.

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