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After a viagra no prescription brutal 12 days in which he hemmorhaged his once-considerable national lead, President Obama got some good news: he’s eked out tiny advantages among likely voters in both the ABC/Washington Post and Politico/GWU polls. Here’s the takeaway from the first poll: Likely voters give Obama the edge — by varying margins Read More

It’s a little bananas over here in the completely conceptual PB offices,  but there will be some proper posting going on tomorrow. Pinky promise. Until then, some links for your perusal: Obama announces a drawdown to the war in Afghanistan, beginning with bringing 33,000 troops home this summer. Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Read More

In my little (and decidedly liberal) corner of the blogosphere, it has now become inappropriate to use the word “illegal” when referring to immigrants.  Colorlines, one of my favorite PB-based blog discoveries, has launched a site called “Drop the I-Word.”  From the site: How is the I-Word inaccurate – isn’t some illegal action happening here? Read More

[cross-posted from TAPPED] Via RaceWire, Gov. Jan Brewer released the above video to address the pseudo-controversy over the officials who hadn’t read the law but nevertheless criticized it, like Eric Holder and former Arizona governor and current head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. On the one hand, I’m sympathetic to requiring people to be familiar Read More

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Eugene Robinson’s column, on the facts of Arizona’s “problem” with illegal immigration, is a must-read (and I use that term sparingly): Border crossings by undocumented immigrants have declined sharply over the past decade. With more Border Patrol agents on duty than ever before, apprehensions of would-be immigrants along the 2,000-mile border have dropped from a Read More

I’ve been following Brendan I. Koerner’s blog Microkhan for a while now. Koerner is the author of Now The Hell Will Start, the fantastic account of a black GI who went AWOL in the Indo-Burmese jungle during WWII (this, after killing a superior officer) and then proceeded to marry into a very reclusive tribe, all Read More

Believe it or not, I’ve been known to be a jackass. Ask anyone who had the misfortune of knowing me in college. Or a couple years ago. I really hope President Obama isn’t asked about it anytime soon: Anyway, lots of things have happened since our last Monday roundup. Here’s a few of them, a Read More