The Other Consequence of That Arizona Bill.

I’ve been following Brendan I. Koerner’s blog Microkhan for a while now. Koerner is the author of Now The Hell Will Start, the fantastic account of a black GI who went AWOL in the Indo-Burmese jungle during WWII (this, after killing a superior officer) and then proceeded to marry into a very reclusive tribe, all [...]

Your Monday* Random-Ass Roundup: Heard 'Em Say

Believe it or not, I’ve been known to be a jackass. Ask anyone who had the misfortune of knowing me in college. Or a couple years ago. I really hope President Obama isn’t asked about it anytime soon:

Anyway, lots of things have happened since our last Monday roundup. Here’s a few of them, [...]

Stay Classy, G.O.P.

This is going to be the story of the day tomorrow.

Your Monday Random-Ass Roundup: The Low-End Theory

Hey, has anyone else seen that picture of President Obama ogling that 17-year-old girl’s ass at the G8 summit in Italy?:

Of course you didn’t. Because there’s no such picture and he wasn’t doing that. Silly rabbits.

And without any further ado, your reading material from the weekend:

1. On Friday, the Washington Post [...]

Getting a Diploma, Underground.

There are tons of students in the Univ. of California system who are undocumented immigrants, which means their educations are fraught with all manner of quotidian indignities. UCLA’s Daily Bruin took a look at the lives of some of the students trying to get an education — when they can’t get jobs on the [...]

As It Becomes Less Cool to Be Racist, Will Immigration Cease to Be an Electoral Issue?

Erich Rauchway, a history professor in California and one of our buddies over at the very dope blog egdeofthewest, drops some knowledge in a New York Times article that asks that very question.


Yet Another Scary Statisticâ„¢

Help us make sense of something: that much-discussed Pew poll that said black people were increasingly less likely to think racial discrimination played a part in the disparity in achievement between blacks and whites (or even between middle-class and poor blacks).

“A 53% majority of African Americans say that blacks who don’t get ahead [...]