How We Reclaim What Alzheimer’s Robs.

You, lower left, taking one of many family pictures on the front porch. Clockwise from you: cousin Stephanie, your daughter, my Aunt Melita and Aunt Lorraine. You loved a good brooch and that particular shade of blue-green.

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2128 Leahy Street, Muskegon, MI.

This is what I remember: a white [...]

No Shame Day.


Black people don’t go to therapy. We go to church. Right?

That’s one of the lines of thought that National Minority Mental Health Awareness is fighting against. Every July, mental health orgs ramp up efforts to overcome the stigma of asking for help with mental and emotional issues in the black community. [...]

Football, Body and Mind.


I had a mostly unremarkable, short career in football—yet that was still more than enough time for the game to leave its mark, all over my body. I had been dealing with arthritis, joint stiffness, and backaches for years when a weight-room mishap drove me to an emergency clinic in the summer of 2010, when I was 32. Several follow-up appointments ended with me in an MRI machine and an appointment with a neurosurgeon. [...]

An Honest Dialogue On Race.


[View the story "#Whitewashing" on Storify]

All Tied Up.

Yesterday was another good day in the polls for Mitt Romney — Real Clear Politics has Romney up about 0.7 viagra online

points nationally — and Nate Silver thinks the post-debate surge doesn’t show any signs of waning. “So far, the evidence that Mr. Romney’s debate bounce is receding is a bit anecdotal,” he writes. [...]


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Obama announces a drawdown to the war in Afghanistan, beginning with bringing 33,000 troops home this summer. Jose Antonio Vargas, a Pulitzer Prize-winning [...]

Random Midday Hotness: Move Ya Body.

Michelle Obama and Beyonce have teamed up for a campaign to promote wellness among young people. Much of the campaign has consisted of choreographed routines to gymified versions of Bey’s songs, and its existence is justified if for no other reason than the First Lady’s hitting her dougie the other day to root on some [...]

Podcast #16: All Dings Considered.

Dave Duerson.

A few weeks ago, Nicole, G.D., Joel and I sat down to chat about football, how much I hate it, and whether it’s rendering too many young men disabled, depressed and handicapped at young ages. (The convo was sparked by the news that Dave Duerson, a former NFL player and players’ union [...]