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The countries neighboring the Ivory Coast are worried that violence there may spread. After being told their baby had no chance of survival, an Iowa couple was forced to see the pregnancy to term and watch the child die because state law prohibits abortion after 20 weeks. Latoya on being the token Negro on feminist Read More

What’s been so frustrating to me about the House’s move to defund Planned Parenthood yesterday (never fear: the bill will likely die in the Senate) is that House Republicans, especially the bill’s sponsor, Mike Pence, are counting on most Americans not knowing anything about the nonprofit. The vast majority of its services are for routine Read More

In a thoughtful, very candid post, TNC talks about how Kenyatta, his partner, came very close to dying after giving birth to their son. Peripartum cardiomyopathy, the disease that led to congestive heart failure, is rare and lethal. It kills women. And no one knows why. Kenyatta was lucky. She didn’t need a new heart. Read More

Crossposted from Attackerman. Monica notes that an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, introduced by Sen. Roland Burris (D-IL) will repeal a ban on abortions for servicewomen. The ban, re-instituted by Congress in 1995 (after Clinton rolled it back in 1993), prevents a servicewoman from obtaining an abortion on base, even if she uses Read More

(cross-posted from U.S. of J.) Admittedly, it’s nice that Laura Bush is pro-choice and doesn’t hate gay people, but still, it doesn’t actually count for anything. Her “right thinking” doesn’t make-up for the fact that she has offered nothing but unlimited support to her husband, whose actions as president cost the United States thousands of Read More

cross-posted from TAPPED. Bart Stupak is among the Democratic representatives who are reportedly receiving threats in the wake of the health-care bill’s passage, some from anti-abortion groups he says he believes are from outside his district. Stupak says his offices have been overwhelmed by phone calls, most of them from outside his congressional district, and Read More

Did you miss us? Of course you did. PostBourgie: The Podcast, Episode 3: “Civics Class is a Year-Long ‘America, F#@K YEAH!’” Monica, blackink, Jamelle and I discuss Obama’s interminable bipartisan healthcare summit, the race-based fearmongering from anti-choicers, and the David Paterson bombshell (note, we recorded this before he dropped out of the governor’s race). Apologies Read More

I’ve a piece up at The American Prospect exploring how anti-choicers use fear of the “abortion industry,” genocide, and race-based coercion to … coerce black women into not having abortions: In Atlanta, Georgia, a billboard campaign that started this month proclaims that “black children are an endangered species.” On the campaign’s Web site, TooManyAborted.com, the Read More