Sean James and Al Joyner Trust Women.

I guess you could call this a pre-sponse to the much talked about Tim Tebow pro-life Superbowl ad.

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  • aisha

    It’s hard for me to watch black men in an ad for planned parenthood given their problematic origins. It just bothers me.

    • What are the origins?

      • shani-o

        Margaret Sanger, the founder of the organization that would later become PP, was a proponent of negative eugenics (getting rid of the weak — which is somewhat different from Nazi eugenics, which favored breeding among the upper class for specific characteristics like blonde hair and blue eyes). She was radical (and wildly problematic, to be sure) but she also advocated for the pregnant woman to be the final decision maker on whether or not she wanted to have the child. That is, aside from the ‘feeble minded.’ Some people have taken this to mean that Sanger wanted to exterminate black babies. However, Sanger’s talk of educating blacks about birth control was often just her mimicking the words of people like birth control proponent W.E.B. Dubois, and in fact, at the time, she actively sought to build relationships with prominent blacks so that folks wouldn’t think she wanted to exterminate the Negro population.

        From a personal perspective, I’ve known uninsured women whose best option to take care of their reproductive health — including abortion, but also PAP smears, and STI testing — was using PP. Because the organization is making the full range of reproductive health care available to poor women of color today, I’m less concerned with their origins.

  • aisha

    I was speaking from the heart and not the head. I’m actually a supporter of PP for the options they provide. I’ve even considered working there. But I had an emotional reaction to this that I can’t explain. It might have something to do with the stereotype of who has abortions. I’m not really sure what my objections are. Like I said it was an emotional reaction.

  • yay, women’s right to choose!

    but here’s my question as a sports fan: who the hell are these guys? this is how they counter Tim Tebow? By getting some dude who rode the bench in the N.F.L. to push back?

    I mean, what does Kevin Ollie think about this divisive social issue???

    and for God’s sake, WHERE IS JA????!?!?