White History Classes.

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Between Mr. Gaines from A Different World passing away and me losing my BBQ sunflower seeds, this Black History Month was on a fast track to becoming one of the saddest in history.  Until, that is, Twitter banded together, shed their shrouds of indifference, made some hot, sweet, sticky, witty love* and birthed #respectablehiphop a baby sister.

The only thing surer that Black History Month happens every February is that every February, someone will start whining about there not being a white history month.  Yesterday, after seeing this memo informing the masses that white history month had been cancelled, I thought, hey.  Why not meet white folks in the middle.  We’ll let you have your white history.  You can have your own white history course–but we (“we” being the members of the internet who know how ridiculous the idea of white history is) get to plan the curriculum.

Below is a very meager handful of the genius classes that Twitter came up with.  I tried to keep it down to the very best ones that I saw, but there were so many.  Click here to wade through the hashtag yourself, and enjoy the brief renewed faith in humanity that follows.

*For the most part.  There was the occasional this.

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  • Love this compilation!

  • Janiece

    Thanks for getting the ball on that TT rolling….It was like a good ass group therapy session!….all I know is I bet not see none of these quotes on some hipster’s tshirt…..

  • Fos

    The participants need to take this show on the road.

  • this could be a play.

  • Rosy

    Excellent. Just Excellent.

  • mary burrell

    This is awesome.

  • That was awesome and, although it was like a parody, sounds just like things whte ppl would say teaching such a class. Lol

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