Your Midweek Random-Ass Roundup: Feel the Heat.

Since the hot political news of the moment involves a penis and a Palin, I feel safe leading off with this important, late-breaking and developing news story from South Florida:

That is all.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend:

1. The people trying to argue fetuses are people are arguing for outlawing abortion in cases of rape or incest. Because all women can forget trauma once they see a cute baby. (Monica)

2. Three things that Melissa Harris-Perry loves about Herman Cain’s presidential campaign. (Blackink)

3. Minnesota’s ag-gag law has died, thank goodness. (Nicole)

4. Of the 260,000 jobs created in April, 60,000 of them came from McDonald’s. America”s middle class is in serious trouble. (Blackink)

5. New Yorkers may earn 14% more than the average U.S. worker, but living there is much more expensive. (Blackink) h/t @thashadow.

6. On the other hand, according to obnoxiously optimistic bachelors,  living there is sexier than most other places. (Blackink)

7. This American Life explores the psychopath test. (Nicole)

8. California high schools will stop the practice of dissecting frogs in class. If only I’d been cut the same deal in 7th grade. (Blackink)

9. Hamburg, Germany (you know, home of the original hamburg-er) is in the midst of a serious and lethal E. coli outbreak. (Nicole)

10. Between inflation and soaring food prices, Venezuelans are spending half their income on food. (Nicole)

11. The 20 best- and worst-paid college majors. Long slide show short: It pays to be an engineer. (Blackink)

12. One bright spot in Think Progress’s sorta ugly redesign? Alyssa now has an official spot over there. (Monica)

13. Just in time for summer, cities across the U.S. are closing their public pools because of budget problems. (Blackink)

14. Your long commute really might be killing you. (Blackink)

15. I just finished Freedom, and I don’t care what anyone else says, Jonathan Franzen is a damn good writer.  His commencement speech at Kenyon College was adapted into an essay in The New York Times this weekend. (Nicole)

16. Finally, the Pittsburgh Pirates are winners! (Blackink)

And in closing, PB’s own Stacia muses on the death of musical legend Gil-Scott Heron. And Uncle Billy. And Uncle Warren. And so forth.



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