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  • i. LOVE. this. commercial.

  • Awesome….awesome to the max

  • Grump

    I’m riding a horse backwards…..

  • I almost fell off my couch laughing when I first saw that commercial. Love. It.

  • Robyn

    HOLEE SHIT. I’m screaming.

  • Honestly, I’m considering trying this product now. They got me :(

  • GVG

    I don’t care who you are that’s some funny ish right there.

  • I’m on a horse

  • Ok, I said this on Buzz, and this is totally funny, but I’m not sure it gets a sexism pass just for making fun of its own ideas about masculinity. it’s still reinforcing them, right? But I also appreciate that it’s hilarious, so maybe that makes it ok? Want some feminists to weigh in.

    • I suppose I’m a feminist and I still thought it was funny, for precisely the reason you just said. It’s making fun of silly notions of what it means to be a “real man” in such a surreal way. I didn’t read it as sexist but that’s just me.

      • it can be sexist *and* funny.

        i think.

    • hcd

      I think the fact that unlike those axe commercials, it didn’t put a single scantily clad female is in its favor. It’s ideas about masculinity are pretty generous: get the lady you like “two tickets to that thing you like” or whatever else and smell nice.

  • Seth from LA

    This is a very funny commercial. The only thing keeping it from being a great commercial is that I’ve actually smelled Old Spice.

  • *Goes out and buys Old Spice for non-existent boyfriend*

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