“He is a wonderful writer, and today he is producing the best work of his life.”

An early candidate for understatement of 2010?

Since having his jaw removed by cancer treatments, Roger Ebert, the prolific film critic, has become a prolific tweeter, and has written some truly beautiful essays about life without food and drink, as well as the simple pleasures of making out without sex.

Esquire‘s Chris Jones has a fantastic profile of Ebert and his late career rebirth that you should really, really holler at.



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  • There has been no death-row conversion. He has not found God. He has been beaten in some ways. But his other senses have picked up since he lost his sense of taste. He has tuned better into life. Some things aren’t as important as they once were; some things are more important than ever. He has built for himself a new kind of universe. Roger Ebert is no mystic, but he knows things we don’t know.

    Beautiful writing. It really gets at the kind of urgency with which Ebert is living his life and expressing himself. It reminded me that it shouldn’t take the specter of death for us to stop dallying and really start living. Why waste time?

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