Fit for a King.

Thoughts about today’s memorial service? I just finished up watching a replay on VH-1 a few minutes ago.

Did anyone else feel like they experienced some Church? Or did it feel like the most somber, star-studded concert ever?

To me, the organizers seemed to hit all the notes that BET missed – badly – during its Awards Show a couple weeks ago. It was a memorial service fit for a King.

Stevie was Stevie. Usher sounded better than ever.  I loved Magic’s story about sharing a bucket of KFC with Michael –  it was especially humanizing. Rev. Al was particularly stirring. Marlon made it a little, uh, drizzly in here.

And Paris’ impromptu tribute to her father stole the show. It was touching but I really hope that’s the last time we’ll hear from her for quite awhile.

By the end, I felt like part of the family. To borrow a riff from Jamie Foxx, today’s service proved without a doubt that Michael really did belong to us.

If only for a passing moment.


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  • Yes, I was touched. I was inspired. BET should be in a meeting at this very moment trying to get their stuff together because AEG made them look like a bunch of amateurs.

  • geo

    i know it’s BET, but i don’t think they did *that* bad of a job. the performances by foxx, neyo, and ciara were good. they also had about 3 days to put it together. so i wasn’t expecting something like the memorial.

    anyways, the memorial was very touching. the statements made by marlon and paris were powerful. i just hope the media leaves the kids and family alone for awhile.

  • Definitely felt like church!

  • ladyfresh

    It was touching but I really hope that’s the last time we’ll hear from her for quite awhile.

    BET had to do alot of last minute planning/additions
    and three days in which to do it… this is not an easy thing to do
    i can’t fault them for their show in that respect
    the rest? it was BET as usual

    it felt like church at some points (i hear you Al! preach!) and a personal concert at others
    it was moving for me sitting here in my office again i did not expect to cry but again i had my moments

  • devessel

    I think that for most in the room it must have felt like church, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear a lot of reverent silence in between presentations. I bet Staples Center was never so quiet while full…

    The service was very moving for me as well, and I agree: ’twas fit for a King. John Mayer let his guitar speak…Jermaine pulled strength from *somewhere* to get to those notes, and Uncle Al really spoke his truth. Did anyone else doubt that it would be a classic home-going once the opening melody of ‘Soon and Very Soon’ was heard?

  • I’ve only seen bits and pieces, but what I saw was beautiful. Even Al didn’t irk me as he usually does.