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The tortured musical and fashion stylings of Detroit’s own, La’Domour:

And if you happened to make it all the way through, I’m sorry.

h/t Thembi.


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  • You know, I took that as a challenge and was sure I’d watch the whole thing. And initially I thought it was promising, especially after he appeared in all white standing on a beach. But the cheese didn’t keep piling on, and eventually the sheer boredom of the thing made me quit about halfway through. I’d rather listen to the music of “Paper Mario” from the other room. Really.

    IOW, you win.

  • The best part is the Deep Contemplative Look he puts on.

    “I want to play this piano, but I can’t get past this sweet, sweet pain.”

  • ladyfresshh

    you are just jealous of his abs GD

  • melodik

    ok. forreal. ya’ll are gonna have to stop with the bad videos.
    i watched the whole thing, but i can’t take much more horrible music.

    and he touches himself more than debut album-ashanti (see 3:11, 3:20, 3:52, 4:09, 4:50). i don’t know how he gets any sleep at night knowing that hundreds upon hundreds of jars of pro-styl gel were sacrificed to create his comb-over.

  • THAT was funnnny.

    1. The line introducing the video described it as “tortured” lol. I watched all 5min. and 23sec. of the video under the impression that some tragic circumstance has caused this brother to create music and dress like this (which I’m sure is not the case)

    2. I didn’t realize it was a gelled down ponytail…ughhhh Detroit.

    3. Between La’Domour and T.Baby’s “It’s so Cold in the D” Motown’s legacy is getting shat all over. damm shame. lol

  • If you dare (another challenge of sorts), check La’Domour out at MySpace and Black Planet. I’m not going to even bother with a link.

    But, wow, if only he’d spent as much time working on his music as he did that braid and his abs … he’d be a perfect fit for Color Me Badd.

  • R.

    how does a guy that’s half bald use that much gel on his hair?