Your Nappy Ass Roots: Baby Hair.



AFROs most wanted: Chili & Ginuwine, notorious baby hairers.



In 1962, a radical black nationalist organization called the AFROs (Afrikan Foundation for Righteous Out-of-sight Sons) was formed in Cleveland, Ohio.  By 1965, the group had caught the attention of both the FBI and the CIA, who recruited a small group of 5 black women to infiltrate the organization.  One of the women was Rashida Daniels, a licensed hair stylist, who soon fell in love with Bruno “Buddy” Sampson.

Rashida told Buddy of their association with the federal groups, and to help identify the other informants, Rashida decided to give them a sort of Star of David to identify them to the rest of the group.  When she next washed and styled their hair, she took a jar of pro-con gel, an old toothbrush, and a spraybottle of water and plastered some hair to their foreheads in an attempt to emulate the thin, whispy hair that babies have when they are young.  She assured them that they were trendsetters, and when they walked into the AFROs headquarters, they were immediately labled Uncle Toms (and all-around ridiculous for creating baby hair when they weren’t babies no damn more) and run out of town.

From then on, to this very day, those who purposely wear baby hair are considered all-around ridiculous embarrassments to the black race.

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  • LMAO. Thanks for clarifying that folks with “purposeful” baby hair are the real offenders. I’ve often been accused of whippin out the toothbrush on my roots, but I really don’t. The hair by my temples just likes to stick to my head, lol. I agree, Chilli is the worst baby hair offender in history.

  • Katie

    Well… Chilli IS also South Asian, so I’ve just always given her a pass for that…’s just her Indian hair, that’s all!

  • ladyfresshh

    i count myself fortunate that my baby hair sticks out at odd angles in the morning giving me a halo like effect
    though not purposeful in the least possibly still an embarrassment to the race ala don king
    but only on the mornings i wander out the door and forget about the darn things

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