Damn. Again.

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From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

A video showing a King County Sheriff’s deputy pummeling a 15-year-old girl in a holding cell was released Friday over the strenuous objections of the officer’s attorney.

The case goes beyond police misconduct, County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said in a prepared statement.

“It’s about criminal misconduct. And that’s [...]

Presenting: Mr. Black History Month!!!

omg its still black history month! had you forgotten yet?? i hadnt, in spite of what my sparse updating may otherwise suggest. i didnt forget; im just exercising my right to be blatantly shiftless without having a white man cracking a whip at my earlobes (let us all thank the ancestors [...]

Remembering Gene Siskel.

Roger Ebert remembers Gene Siskel.

Gene died ten years ago on February 20, 1999. He is in my mind almost every day. I don’t want to rehearse the old stories about how we had a love/hate relationship, and how we dealt with television, and how we were both so scared the first time we [...]

Inter-Racial Friends.

Here’s something interesting (via Pew Research Center):

My first thought was: I wonder how people are defining “friend?” If we’re talking about friends in the casual sense – someone you work with, someone you occasionally chat with – then these results are basically on point. Most people interact with someone of a different [...]

Obama: Antichrist And/Or Hitler.

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When we started this blog in late ’07, I don’t think we knew what we were getting into. I remember thinking, if we could get just 50 hits a day, I’d be happy. Then we started getting 50. Then 100 became the benchmark. then 500. then 1000. And so on. And then people started shouting [...]

Well, Gee, Bobby.

Adam on Jindal’s awful, awful response:

The press has, for some time, been running with the idea that Bobby Jindal is the GOP’s Obama. It’s unclear what prompts the comparison between the two other than that they are both young, brown, Ivy League-educated, and beloved by their respective bases. But it’s a comparison [...]

An Overly Close Reading: Ghost.

That scene in Ghost where Whoopi Goldberg channels Patrick Swayze and then has sex with Demi Moore is actually about white control of black female bodies.

This has been An Overly Close Reading.