Digging in The Crates: Stanley J. Forman's Flag Photo.

The Pulitzer winners were announced earlier this week (if you haven’t already, you should read the WashPost‘s excellent, deeply disturbing series on Dick Cheney’s tenure as vice president, which won for National reporting), which gives us a perfectly good news peg from which to throw to another winner of journalism’s highest honor.

Theodore Landsmark, a Yale-educated lawyer and activist, was attacked by opponents of school busing — mostly white teenagers from South Boston — outside of Boston’s City Hall on April 5, 1976. The image, above, won Stanley Forman his second consecutive Pulitzer and the scene it captured became an iconic moment in the city’s history. (I was completely ignorant to it until April schooled me on it while she was a reporter at The Globe.)

Slate has put up a dope little slideshow about that moment 32 years ago, Stanley Forman’s illustrious career, and Theodore Landsmark.

(Also, here’s a clip of Landsmark’s press-conference, with his face covered in bandages.


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