Know Your History: Bobby Jones

Telebaptist and Grammy award winner Bobby Jones was born in Henry, Tennessee, in 1939. He began singing in the church choir at New Hallelujah Jesus Shout Temple, also located in Henry, and had dreams of becoming a famous gospel singer at a very early age. At 23, he released his first album entitled “The Lord Annointeth my Jacket with Sequins,” which contained such tracks as “God Bless my Hairline,” “Greasy Face, Smooth Soul,” and “Holy are the S-Curled of the World.” This rare album sells for as much as $205.67 on E-bay today.

Know Your History.

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  • ari

    Genius. As we’ve come to expect.

  • Inez Buell

    When I lived in Nashville, my sister went to Fall-Hamilton elementary school. Bobby Jones taught the 2nd grade. I remember doing my homework at his desk waiting for my sister to get outta school. He’s come along way.