How History Shapes Our Views of Hillary and Obama.

Because they are both firsts, I’m afraid we might be holding Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to impossible ideals. Both possibilities come shamefully late. But, unless the impossible happens they decide to run together, we only get to choose one.

When Barack Obama gave his victory speech after winning the Iowa caucuses, he was, [...]

Kilpatrick Apologizes.


In Haiti, Literally Eating Dirt to Survive.

As the cost of oil around the world continues to climb, the price of food has increased to the point where many Haitians (where most people make less than $2 a day) have begun eating cookies and pies made of dirt and mud.

Carrying buckets of dirt and water up ladders to the roof [...]

Granny, Don't!

Ralph Nader — activist, flamethrower and depending on whom you ask, the guy who cost Al Gore the White House in 2000 — is mulling yet another White House bid. No, for real.

He has harsh words for the leading Democratic candidates, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama, chastising them for failing [...]

WTF? 'Crash' To Become TV Show.

Crash, the singularly awful film about race and implausibly stupid coincidences that inexplicably went on to win the Oscar in 2005 for Best Picture, is about to become a television show.

Resolved: I’mma vote for whichever presidential candidate keeps this booshee from happening.


Heads up: 'The Wire' on New York Public Radio.

Clarke Peters, Jamie Hector, and Gbenga Akinnagbe, as well as the show’s music supervisor Blake Leyh, dropped in on The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC to talk about the show. The audio isn’t up yet, but it can be found here.

Edwards, Giuliani Call it a Campaign

I’m no John Edwards fan (we’re generally ambivalent up in here) but I read a thoughtful piece yesterday by Alice Bonner on The Root, who said that being the child of a poor Southern laborer — like John Edwards, the son of a mill worker, in case you hadn’t heard —- was as much [...]

And Three Other Kennedys Come Out for Hillary.

A few days after Caroline Kennedy and Ted Kennedy threw their endorsements behind Barack Obama, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Kerry Kennedy came out on Hillary’s side in an op-ed with the Los Angeles Times.

The loftiest poetry will not solve these issues. We need a president willing to engage in [...]